KSA Mission Statement

The Valentine Bash took place on Saturday, February 14th. It was a big success and a good time was had by all who attended.

We wish to thank those special individuals who went above and beyond…We are extremely grateful for your contribution of time and talent!   Thank you for your continued support.


Fr. Mike

Rose Graham

Aileen Rizzuto

Anna Hill

Robert & Stephany Reeder

Salvador & Monica Miramontes

Jeanne Morris

Orlando & Belen Avila

Yarazeth Gonzales

Saint Ann Ladies Guild

KSA Parents

Lydia Green

Ron Mirabelli

Aubrey Lara

Allen & Annie Quintana

Luanna Aguirre

Daisy Richardson

Lee & Terry Budell

Jan Robertson

Angela Boren

Saint Ann Mens Club


Saint Ann Parishoners

Class Projects
Ingrid Grifee, Beth Karpinski, Aubrey Lara, Jessica McGee, Camille Simmons & Mary Joy


Teacher Wishlists

What a great way to help your child's classroom teacher. Teachers spend a lot of their own money in their classrooms. Help out by selecting something off the wishlist and donating it to the school. Remember, when donating items, every $10.00 in value equates to 1 parent service hour.

Teacher wishlists


School Lunch


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